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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Campaign yields big results!

Community, cookies and kindness! The Honorary “Mayor” of the Harbormaster neighborhood, Donna Godbout, proves that with the right attitude, perseverance and exceptional baking skills, you can make anything possible. Donna reached out to her neighbors after learning the St. James Relay for Life 5K had not yet recruited a Presenting Sponsor. The 5k is scheduled for June 12th at Woodlands Park in St. James. The run is named for its Presenting Sponsor and one of its many benefits include the sponsor’s name on the front of the 5K tee shirt.

Donna decided to challenge her neighbors to BE BOLD AND THINK BIG! She was sure they could come together and raise the $2,500 needed to become the Presenting Sponsor and see their Harbormaster Neighborhood on the front of the 5K shirt! The response was overwhelming and by the end of the week, they raised $4,125 in donations.

Every neighbor that donated to the cause received a bag of homemade treats baked by Donna. It’s a gift to live in a place where humanity and generosity can be found in one neighborhood inspired by the determination of one woman!

Thank You Donna and your Harbormaster neighbors. You have inspired us all to Be Bold and Think Big!

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